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Wireco merged with Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy on September 1, 2020

The merger has no effect on the nature of WIRECO-NB Oy’s business, which will continue as before with the same employees at its Paimio office. However, as a result of the merger, WIRECO-NB Oy will begin operating under the name Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy.



We are WIRECO - customer and solution-oriented electrical and automation supplies import, sales and marketing company.

Years of experience in the Finnish industry enable us to operate in a professional and customer-oriented way for the benefit of our customers. We deliver flexible solutions suitable for your needs and provide competitive products and techincal usability with fast deliveries. As a result of our expertise, as well as due to Finland's largest cable and conductor supplier network, we provide efficient solutions that save time and money.

An efficient outcome is born when the product, know-how and needs all meet. Product optimization, systematic material management, and making the right choices result in a long lasting result. As the service life is extended, the need for service and replacement of components are reduced - savings in time and cost are the result of solution-oriented way of operation.

Our extensive product range includes special electric and automation cables, Ortac accessories, AKAPP busbar systems, EKC gelenkrohr drag chains, Marechal power connectors, heating cables and components. We supply equipment, premium-level products, and more robust minig cables even for the toughest conditions. We tailor our range according to demand, customer's wishes and needs. It is a serious question of honour for us to provide the right solutions and ensure the functionality of the end result.

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With our wide supplier network we are able to find a solution for your needs. We are specialized in industrial cables, AKAPP power feeding systems and heating cables.

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When you succeed, we succeed. Our excellent customer service and ability to provide solutions are our fundamentals.  We at WIRECO have numerous years of combined experience in the Finnish industry. Regardless of the customer's specific need, we are able to help you. Quickly, efficiently, reliably

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With us you will always get open dialog and good co-operation skills. We care about our customers' needs and always strive to provide the right solution for any need. WIRECO is a reliable special cable supplier and a dynamic partner for you.